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Evolution of the New Millennium

Modje Industrial Group was founded as a molding group by Lavasani brothers in a 70-sq.m. workshop in 1995. Not later than 6 years, having prepared a plastic injection machine, this group joined the manufacturers of buildings’ sanitary appliances and established a plastic injection workshop for manufacturing of molds for a type of bathroom shower. This group stabilized its position among the sanitary appliances manufacturers by producing 15 more products within 4 years, and started exportations to neighboring countries. In 2008, Modje Industrial Group developed such capacities as plastic injection equipment, workshop area, material and stock warehouses and assembly hall, totally with an area of 2500 sq.m., and established a high-capacity chrome plating unit as well so that all stages of designing, molding, manufacturing, plating, assembling and packing would be performed by Modje Industrial Group, and an appropriate quality control would be assured in order to provide the costumers with high-quality products. Modje Industrial Group is at present the biggest manufacturer of showers in Iran, and the first company which got able to manufacture perforated outlet plates of shower heads through two-shot plastic injection molding, and transferred the related knowhow to two other factories.

“Life is fragile. We’re not guaranteed a tomorrow so give it everything you’ve got.”
Lavasani, CEO at Modje Co
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No.22, 5th East alley, Bist Metery Lale st., Khoramdasht Industry Complex, Abali Road, Tehran, IRAN
Tel: +9821 76212666 / +9821 76217484
Fax: +9821 76218592
Website: http://www.modjeco.com / www.anipak.ir
E-mail: info@modjeco.com

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